Join our world class speaker faculty at Bioproduction Summit 2020 in San Francisco


Eric Kelsic, Ph.D.

CEO and Cofounder, Dyno Therapeutics

Olivier Danos, PhD

CSO, Regenxbio

David Schaffer, Ph.D.

Director of the Berkeley Stem Cell Center, UC Berkeley

Nathalie Clement, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Powell Gene Therapy Center

James Warren, Ph.D.

VP, Pharmaceutical Development, Ultragenyx

Lucas de Breed, PhD MBA

Founder & Managing Director, August

Phil Vanek, Ph.D

CTO & Partner, Gamma Biosciences

Audrey Greenberg, MBA

Co-founder & Executive Managing Director, The Discovery Labs

Dr. Nicole Paulk, Ph.D.

Assistant Adjunct Professor, UCSF

Kerstin Hein, Ph.D.

Head of Viral Vectors, CEVEC

Don Jarvis, Ph.D.

Founder & President, GlycoBac LLC

Eytan Abraham, Ph.D.

Head of Personalized Medicine, Lonza

Mathieu Porte

Bioproduction R & D Manager, Polyplus-Transfection

Susan Zhou

Senior Associate, DeciBio Consulting

Travis Harrison, Ph.D.

Vice President, Bioassay Solutions, Precision for Medicine

Karen L. Richards

Senior Vice President of In Vitro Diagnostics and Quality, Precision for Medicine

Yves Sere, Ph.D.

Scientist, Gene Therapy Vector Purification, Biogen

Parminder Chahal, Ph.D.

Senior Research Officer, NRC, Canada

Samet Yildirim, MSc, MBS

Head of Global Technology & Innovation Management, Boehringer Ingelheim

Alissa Bray

Senior Scientist, Oxgene

Dr. Zhu Pirot, Ph.D.

Director of Analytical Development, Sangamo Therapeutics

Sarah Rue, Ph.D.

Associate Director, Advanced Automation Technologies, GNF

Parviz Shamlou

Founding Executive Director, Jefferson Institute of Bioprocessing

Divya Goel,

Vice President, Business Development, Celltheon

Anthony Conway, Ph.D.

Associate Director of Cell Therapy, Sangamo Therapeutics