Parviz Shamlou

Founding Executive Director, Jefferson Institute of Bioprocessing

Parviz Shamlou is the founding Executive Director of the new Jefferson Institute for Bioprocessing (JIB) at Thomas Jefferson University (TJU).  JIB is a 25000 sqft state-of-the art teaching, industry training and process development facility built entirely on advanced single use flexible manufacturing technologies.  JIB specializes in growing field of biomanufacturing of biologics, biopharmaceuticals and next generation vaccines for infectious diseases.

Parviz Shamlou, PhD, is a chemical engineer with 40 years of academic and industry experience in biopharma.  During his industry tenure with Elli Lilly Dr. Shamlou worked on the process development and tech transfer to manufacturing of over a dozen business critical biopharmaceuticals including but not limited to therapeutic proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and fusion and PEGylated proteins.

As an academic at University College London (UCL) London, UK, Keck Graduate Institute (KGI), California and Thomas Jefferson University (TJU),  Dr. Shamlou has led the development and implementation of numerous educational and training programs in bioprocessing from certificates and undergraduates to PhD, postdoctoral and industry professional training programs.  The core philosophy of these programs has been to collaborate with industry to remain relevant, and to address the growing needs for skilled workforce in biomanufacturing.