Conference Tracks

Track 1. Advances in AAV production for Gene Therapy

  • High Yielding and Scalable AAV Production Platforms
  • Advances in AAV purification methods
  • AAV analytical development for quality characterization
  • Development of novel AAV vectors for improved tissue tropism
  • Industry perspective on CMC challenges on AAV Gene Therapy products
  • Cell line, transgene and vector engineering to improve the AAV Production
  • Novel technologies ( Non Viral, CRISPR etc.) to generate scalable and robust Gene and Cell Therapy products

Track 2. Advances in therapeutic protein production

  • High Yielding Protein Production Platforms
  • Mammalian Cell Culture Process Development And Scale Up
  • Transient Gene Expression for Rapid Protein Production
  • Controlling Glycosylation And Product Quality Attributes
  • Application Of  Automation and Single Use Technologies
  • Case Studies For Biosimilar Development
  • Strategies for Difficult To Express Proteins

Accepting Poster Abstracts (All slots are full for speaker proposal! )

Please use the form below to provide a brief summary of your research work. All accepted abstracts will be notified via email before August 19 2020.

Benefits of submitting your abstract for poster presentation
  • Poster presentations are a great way to showcase your research in front of industry leaders in the Bioproduction & Gene Therapy field
  • Complimentary registration for the first and presenting author on the abstract 
  • Awards & travel grants including certificate of excellence to outstanding research and technology development
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Bioprocessing & Gene Therapy students, PhDs and Post-Docs

Bioproduction Summit is actively partnering with early career scientists of top research institutes with focus on bioprocessing, gene therapy & next generation therapeutic technologies to connect the highly skilled workforce with our vast industry network. Please contact us to learn about a wide range of  networking and scientific collaboration opportunities.

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     Important Details

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  • Abstract submission deadline – July 27th 2020
  • All the selected abstracts for poster and podium presentations will be notified by  August 9th 2020
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