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UCG LLC is a US based Business Information provider, specializing in Business Intelligent Reports and analysis in Solution Based Networking Events to decision makers.

Our Business is Biotechnology Conferences, Workshops, Seminars, Awards, and Global Summits.

Our Mission is to become a leading events company producing, creating and delivering highly conceptual and fully integrated events. With our team of experts with combined experience of over 25 years, our aim is to focus on new trends, innovations, new technologies, new products, research driven and emerging topics generated for senior level executives to provide a cutting edge of business information and maximum return of investment for our clients in the Life sciences field focusing on Biotechnology.

We organize our events globally and collaborate with a leading events company from United States to cover both sides of the world and focus to attract the highest quality of speakers. We aim to provide our delegates with knowledge of new ideas, visions and concept with our events services. Additionally, we organize biotech workforce development activities by providing training and relevant workshops throughout the year.

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