Featured Speakers 

David Schaffer
David Schaffer, Ph.D.

Director of the Berkeley Stem Cell Center,

UC Berkeley

Audrey Greenberg Co-Founder
Audrey Greenberg, MBA

Co-founder, Executive Managing Director,

The Discovery Labs

Nicole Paulk UCSF
Nicole Paulk, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Viral Gene Therapy,


Eric Kelsic Dyno Therapeutics
Eric Kelsic, Ph.D.

CEO and Cofounder,

Dyno Therapeutics

Olivier Danos, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer,


James Warren Bioproduction Summit
James Warren, Ph.D.

Vice President,


Lucas de Breed
Lucas de Breed, Ph.D. MBA

Founder & Managing Director ,

August Co

Yves Sere is a Speaker
Yves Sere, Ph.D.

Scientist Gene Therapy,


Nathalie Clement AAV Gene Therapy
Nathalie Clement, Ph.D.

Associate Director & Associate Professor,

Powell Gene Therapy Center

Speaker Spotlight 


Track 1. AAV Production


AAV Production Processes

High Yielding and Scalable AAV Production Platforms

Genetic Engineering for improved AAV

Host cell factors, transgene & cell engineering approaches for potent AAV production

Analytical Development

Design and Development methods, assays for AAV product characterization

Novel Gene Therapy Technologies

Development of Novel Platform Technologies (Non Viral, CRISPR etc.) for Gene Therapy Applications

AAV Capsid Engineering

Novel capsid discovery and development technologies

Industry Perspective

Industry Perspective on CMC Challenges for AAV gene Therapy Products

Track 2. Therapeutic Protein Production


CHO Cells for Protein Expression

Cell Line Development Platforms & Process Development

Transient Gene Expression

Optimized Methods for Rapid Protein Production

Controlling Glycosylation

Methods to Optimize Product Quality Attributes

Single Use Technologies

Advances in Single use technologies for Protein Production

Difficult to Express Proteins

Case Studies on Producing Difficult to Express Proteins

Biosimilar Development

Challenges and Opportunities to develop Biosimilars

Achieve High Productivities, Optimal Product Quality & Novel Platform Processes

Bioproduction Summit brings together industry leaders and biotech experts to discuss most challenging issues, ranging from achieving high productivities to scalable platform processes. In addition to popular therapeutic protein production theme, we will feature topics on tackling current manufacturing challenges in the exponentially growing field of AAV Gene and Cell Therapy. Lessons learned from the CHO cell culture will immensely help the field of AAV. Thus bringing experts from these two fields together will accelerate pace of innovations in the coming years.

 This conference provides an excellent venue for start ups as well as established biotech organization to collaborate, network and exhibit latest innovations in the field. We are delighted to invite you to present your latest research and technologies as speaker, poster presenter and exhibitor. For more details contact us

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